Having the knowledge and experience from both academia and industry we take our research one step further and develop new technologies and knowledge. Our innovations help industrial partners to develop new products, to enter a new market or to gain a leading edge in a tough competition. We continuously file for new patents and develop new standards.

We can also provide ICT-business development as an independent partner for those who need analysis, studies or investigations. We have many years of experience in optical networks, network architecture, user-oriented network development and business development in the broadband infrastructure. We offer both contract research and consulting services.


  • Expertise and strategic advice
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Partnership and network
  • Support to Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Advanced equipment and software
  • Testbeds, demonstrators & prototypes
  • Lab resources & small-scale production
  • Licenses
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Need something else? Let us know! Together we can identify how you can benefit from our expertise.